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5A St. Columbas Avenue, Wembley 6014
We are a concreting business located in Perth, Australia.
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Exposed Aggregate

Amber Grey Fine Blend Exposed
Amber White Exposed
Amber White Fine Blend Exposed
Amber White Honed
Black Ash Exposed
Black Pearl Exposed
Black Pearl Fine Blend Exposed
Bluestone Exposed
Coral Creme Exposed
Coral Exposed
Coral Grey Exposed
Granite Exposed
Granite Fine Blend Exposed
Kajaani Black Exposed
Kajaani Grey Exposed
Kajaani Grey Premium Exposed
Kajaani White Exposed
Kuru Grey Exposed
Kuru Grey Fine Blend Exposed
Kuru White Exposed
Kuru White Fine Blend Exposed
Quarry Exposed
Quarry Fine Blend Exposed
Quarry Grey Fine Blend Exposed
Sandstone Exposed
White Ash Exposed
White Ash Fine Blend Exposed

Standard Honed

Amber Grey Fine Blend Honed
Amber White Fine Blend Honed
Amber White Honed
Black & Black
Black Ash Honed
Black Pearl Fine Blend Honed
Black Pearl Honed
Bluestone Honed
Coral Creme Honed
Coral Grey Premium Honed
Coral Honed
Granite Honed
Kajaani Grey Honed
Kajaani Grey Premium Honed
Kajaani White Honed
Kuru Grey Fine Blend Honed
Kuru Grey Honed
Kuru White Fine Blend Honed
Kuru White Honed
Quarry Fine Blend Honed
Quarry Grey Fine Blend Honed
Quarry Honed
Sandstone Honed
White Ash Honed


Architectural Grey Polished
Architectural White Polish

Liquid Limestone

Limestone Creme
Limestone Grey
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