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We are a concreting business located in Perth, Australia.
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polished concrete Perth, WA
All Class Concrete is Perth's leading provider of polished concrete. Enhance
your home and create a sleek contemporary finish with polished concrete.

What is Polished Concrete?
 •   Polished concrete is like Honed Concrete but finished with a very smooth higher sheen.
 •   Polished concrete provides a hard-wearing, visually appealing finish suitable for any
       application or environment.
 •   It combines the durability of concrete with the aesthetic appeal of natural stone.
 •   Concrete is no longer thought of as that rustic basic building material. 
 •   Polished concrete is increasingly becoming popular with interior designers & architects.
 •  It showcases a natural building style and is sustainable, providing an extremely hard wearing finish that is easy to maintain.

Where is Polished Concrete most commonly used?
•   Best suited for internal applications but can be altered to work in any environment.
•   Common in showers, bathrooms and pool surrounds.

What are the benefits of Polished Concrete?
•  Virtually maintenance free.
•  Designers retain total control of finish, mix, colour level of aggregate & shine.
•  Can be suited to high traffic.
•  Lower in house dust over time.
•  Keeps homes warmer in winter and cool in summer due to thermal mass.
•  The stone polished look at a friendly cost.
•  Low allergenic.
•  Easily maintained.

What personalisations are available with Polished Concrete?
• Coloured stones, oxides, glow stones and even glass.

How does the polishing process work?
•   Polishing is a process where the concrete is ground down to a certain level of aggregate
•   This can range from a light exposure of stone to a full exposure of stone.
•   The concrete is then grouted once the exposure is reached.
•   After the grout process we move into the grout removal and polishing.
•   The concrete is then coated with a sealer and then buffed to produce a high-sheen finish,
      which increases the durability of the cement and minimises scratching and general wear.

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