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exposed aggregate IN PERTH
Exposed aggregate is a popular choice for Perth homes and businesses as it is a sturdy alternative to regular concrete and can be more aesthetically pleasing. The finish is created by pouring concrete and then removing the outer layer of the concrete to reveal the decorative stones underneath that you have selected. Exposed aggregate is commonly used in Perth homes for outdoor areas, driveways, pool surrounds and pathways. More and more homes are opting towards this concrete alternative and are choosing exposed aggregate. There are many concreting options available for your home, ensure that your concrete is poured by the professionals. Trust in All Class Concrete.

Due to the fact that there are plenty of different styles and finishes available for outdoor
areas, more and more households are opting for exposed aggregate in Perth. Exposed aggregate driveways come up great and when done professionally add value to your home.

You can also create one off colours, styles and designs without breaking your budget!

What is Exposed Aggregate?
  •    A finish obtained by pouring concrete and then removing the outer 'skin' of the
         cement in order to show the decorate aggregate stones underneath.
  •   Most commonly used for aggregate driveways, alfresco areas, patios, pool surrounds &  paths.
  •   Non-slip and works well on surfaces that get wet.

How easy is cleaning & maintaining Exposed Aggregate?
  •    Very simple to maintain with little hassle.
  •    A high pressure hose is ideal for cleaning, but a hose and broom will work well too.

What Exposed Aggregate styles and colour choice are available?
  •  Exposed aggregate concrete has a rugged & coarse texture, giving it a unique look & feel.
  •  The range of aggregate concrete in Perth in various colours is almost endless. 
  •   Stones can range from basalts & granite, quartz & limestone or a ready to go pre-mix.
  •   Many different ranges have a beautiful, classy appeal.
  •   Dark & bright colours available.
  • Exposed aggregate is a great alternative for those who find regular concrete slabs dull.

What is the process of installing Exposed Aggregate at your home?
1. We start by laying concrete in the usual manner by staking form boards into the correct
positions, pouring the concrete mixture over the foundations and spreading it evenly.
2. A retarder is then sprayed over the top of the concrete which stops the surface from going
3. After the concrete has set, the surface is washed off to leave exposed aggregate.
4. We then leave it for a couple of days, and upon return we give one last wash with acid to
remove any impurities the stones may have.
5. We then finish with a high gloss sealer so you have that fresh new look all year round. 

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