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honed concrete IN PERTH
Honed concrete has become a popular option for Perth homes
 as it is particularly malleable and can be used for a wide range of different
 applications. Learn more about honed concrete and how it can work to improve
 the aesthetic and value of your home by reading below.

What is Honed Concrete?
  •   Honing is a process where the concrete is ground down to a measured level of
       aggregate exposure, ranging from a full stone exposure or a light stone exposure.0
  •   Outdoor Honed Concrete has the appearance and texture of a modern floor and is
        versatile in its design.
  •   Honed Concrete is solid wearing, long lasting and is a slip resilient surface.

Is Honed Concrete easy to clean & maintain?
  •  Absolutely, it is easy to clean.
  •  Honed Concrete can endure the harsh climates of Australia whilst maintaining its
     decorative stylish colour and foot friendly feel appeal.

What installation options do I have with Honed Concrete? 
  •   Honed concrete is a low level sheen perfect for your external applications.
  •   A non-slip sealer can be added to suit wet areas such as around pools.
  •   Pool headers can also be ground to give that look of continuity.

Where is Honed Concrete most commonly used?
  •   Honed aggregate is often used in Perth homes as is suitable for driveways, porticos, patios and external paths.
  •   Honed concrete is often found in flooring in commercial applications such as access
       areas, including walkways, staircases, alfresco areas, pool surrounds, common spaces and entry lobbies. 

Ready to go?
At All Class Concrete, the team are experts in concrete honing for Perth private and commercial properties. Having had years’ experience developing superior ways of concrete honing, we are the specialists! Honed aggregate can create the specific aesthetic that you are looking for in your home. Contact us today for a free quote on 0415 043 076 or or fill out the form below for honed aggregate in your home. Trust in All Class Concrete to equip you with the knowledge and quality workmanship necessary to get great results from honed concrete.
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